Content Delivery Network

Latency Matters. Studies show that fractions of a second can impact customer satisfaction and decrease sales by over 20%. Our CDN product ensures that your sites visitors will have the fastest possible page load times and ensure the best possible customer experience. With our geographically dispersed data centers we place the sites and content extremely close to your visitors and we optimize the traffic throughout our partner network of over 100 ISP’s to ensure that we have high speed bandwidth to those visitors.

Our intuitive panel lets you host your content without any expertise needed. We take this content and replicate it to our 6 Data Centers ensuring quick and reliable content delivery. In addition to the content delivery features you will benefit from the following value added features:

  • Premium Locations
  • Custom Caching Rules
  • Instant Purging
  • API access
  • SSL Support
  • 100% Availability SLA
  • Assisted setup
  • Real-time stats and logs
Let us know your requirements and a CDN Specialist will contact you for a design review.